Sara Grayson - Creative Producer and Production Manager

Sara Grayson (nee Hine) – Creative Producer and Production Manager
Sara is a Creative Producer and Production Manager, with over 20 years experience worldwide including the USA, UK, Europe, Africa, Far East, and Australia and demonstrable success in the delivery of large-scale international projects.

In 2004 Helifilms was the first company to be awarded the contract to supply the entire helicopter aerial coverage for the world broadcast ‘feed’, of the Athens Olympics and flew 10 helicopters overland from the UK to Greece, built a helipad, hangars and offices in the centre of Athens, and managed our crew of approximately 70. Heli films filmed all the outside races, sailing, Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

In 2006 they were awarded the helicopter- filming contract for both the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and the Doha Asian Games in Qatar.

As with Athens Olympics, Helifilms filmed all the outside races, sailing, Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the world broadcast ‘feed’.

In the case of Doha they chartered an Antonov to fly all their helicopters in from London to Doha as well as all of the broadcast camera equipment.

Helifilms went onto win the aerial broadcast contract for both South Africa’s Soccer World Cup in 2010 and the world Formula 1 Motor-racing series from 2010-2013. For these live events Jerry flew one of the helicopters and was the Unit Commander, whilst Sara’s role was Producer/Production Manager.

In 2005 Jerry and Sara filmed the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, being the only non-newsgathering helicopter, military, police or SAR machine, to be granted access into the airspace just 48 hours after the Hurricane had devastated New Orleans.

In 2009 Jerry and Sara’s home in Central Victoria narrowly escaped the Black Saturday Bush Fires, and they filmed the a aftermath of the fire’s destruction in the weeks after the fires were brought under control. Together with footage from Hurricane Katrina, and footage of the natural wonders of the animal kingdom, this footage of Black Saturday formed the backbone for the IMAX documentary feature, THE EARTH WINS which was released to critical acclaim worldwide, in 2013, and which Jerry wrote, directed and flew the helicopters around the world to film from, and which Sara produced and production managed.

THE EARTH WINS is the only IMAX lm to be shot entirely from the air, over 5 continents, and was the first Australian IMAX film made in over 10 years at the time of its release.