Jerry Grayson - Rescue Pilot, Film Pilot

Jerry Grayson AFC, Helicopter SAR and Film Pilot, Writer and Film Director, Instructor of ‘Flying the Lens Drone Master classes’

Jerry was the youngest helicopter pilot to join the British Royal Navy’s officer training school, Dartmouth Royal Naval Training College, aged just 17 in 1972. When he left the RN in 1980 he was the most decorated Search and Rescue pilot in peacetime, a record he holds to this day. He was awarded the Air Force Cross by HM e Queen for the SAR rescues he conducted on the infamous Fastnet Yacht Race of 1979 in which 25 yachts were lost. He was also awarded the Queen’s Commendation for his SAR career.

Bloomsbury Publishing published Jerry’s autobiography “RESCUE PILOT; Cheating the Sea” worldwide in 2015. With a foreword by HRH The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, RESCUE PILOT recounts Jerry’s vivid SAR stories –

On leaving the RN, Jerry established Castle Air in Cornwall, England, which became the UK’s pre-eminent helicopter lm company.

In 1989 Jerry left Castle Air and founded Heli films with future wife Sara Hine in order to specialise in film production from the air.

In 2002 they relocated from London to Melbourne and became Australian citizens in 2010.

Jerry’s sequel to RESCUE PILOT, “FILM PILOT – FROM JAMES BOND TO HURRICANE KATRINA” will be published by Bloomsbury worldwide in March 2017, and tells the behind the scenes stories from the television and film projects he’s flown on and directed since the 1980s.

The final chapter of FILM PILOT describes the disruption to the helicopter film world that Drones have brought about, as well as posing the theory that the advent of Drones and the innovations they bring to both film and SAR have opened to door to the most exciting aerial innovations and applications since the Wright brothers.

Jerry and Sara teach Drone film- flying “Master classes” for Drone Pilots and their Camera/Gimbal Operators called ‘Flying The Lens’ , in which they share their ‘tips’ and ‘techniques’ as aerial film-makers with newly qualified/certified Pilots and Camera Operators.

Jerry has been speaking at Conferences and events around the world for the past 18 months and was the Keynote Speaker at the International Drone Expo (IDE) in Los Angeles in December 2016 and will speak at Drone Tech Europe in the UK in May 2017 –

Some of the bullet points Jerry wove into his Keynote at IDE were:
• The initial public perception of the UAVs as being a sinister, untrustworthy and potentially dangerous weapon, versus the positive innovations and applications particular in the life-SAVER roles.

• Dramatic regional differences in public perception of the vehicle; giving examples of highly commercial activity being readily accepted in regions where the same type of vehicle performs a community service. e corollary in cities where anything new can so easily become a source of irritation, active antagonism, or even generate a blanket move to ban.

• The need to encourage public understanding of the various community roles carried out by the vehicle; particularly in order to o set the public’s mistrust of other roles.

• Accidents. How the Pan Am helicopter crash in downtown Manhattan set parts of the helicopter industry back by at least a decade. e need to avoid incidents such as the recent widespread negative PR relating to the Camera drone that narrowly missed killing the World Cup Skiing Champion.

• Public understanding breeds public respect. They have long understood the difference between an airline captain and a weekend puddle-jumper pilot but they can’t yet make that distinction between drone operators.