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Drone Aerial Photography Services

We are one of the Best Drone Aerial Photography Specialists in Victoria, Australia

Drones are a safe and cost effective technology well suited for aerial photography. Compared to full-size helicopters and fixed wing aircraft they are highly manoeuvrable, stable, quiet, are setup in a matter of minutes, easily transported and don’t give off any carbon emissions during operation.

Our gear – 2017

We use the latest drones and high end cameras for our aerial photography services. Our Freefly Alta is our largest and most stable drone which easily lifts our Canon 5DS (50MP) and Sony A7mii (42.4MP) cameras that produce images suitable for large format printing. For a lower price point we use the new Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro drones which have integrated 20MP sensors cameras.

High end aerial photography

We work closely with Tom Hutton, a high end photographer based in Melbourne. We engage Tom on our high end shoots to ensure we deliver the highest quality aerial images.

Tom Hutton Photography